Introduction To Fishing

Complete Fishing Guide For Beginners

Action and Thrill of the catch in fishing.

If you never fished before, you don’t know the thrill and action of fishing. Catching a fish is not an easy process, it requires right technique and tools to be a good fisherperson. Today we are going to give an introduction to fishing and I believe after reading this intro you will know many things.

This brings you closer to nature, you feel young and spend quality time with your family. Just imagine that you are standing on the bank of steam and your fishing rods are bending down towards the water, that is the fighting fish. You give some time to fish to tire itself out but I am sure you will win this battle. When finally you pull it from the water you realize that you caught the biggest fish of your life. You feel proud and so your family on you. This is a great feeling, believe me, it cannot be expressed in words you have to get into the battleground to feel real happiness and achievement.

Learn in simple step how to fish.

If you have interest in it but don’t know anything about fishing. Do not worry read this article, we wrote this to help newcomers like you. After reading this post, you will be able to catch a fish, am not saying the biggest fish but yeah the first fish of your life for sure.

Fishing  in just 5 easy ways:

Do not go alone or without any fishing guide. Ask your family member or friend who is experienced angler to take you with them when next time they go for fishing. Believe me, they like to take you with them as fishing persons always like to have one more fishing buddy.

Go online: before going for fish, we advise you to read articles on fishing and gain some theoretical knowledge of fishing gear, rods, and tips.

If you have access to your local library please go there and checkbooks on fishing.

Your local wildlife service can help you to catch as they arrange a fishing day every month where beginners can learn catching techniques form experienced persons.

Go to the local fishing stores they can share their knowledge with you on different fishing tools that you will use in near future or next time when going for fish.

What is the best time to go fishing?

There is no any best fishing time. You can enjoy all around the year. We all know certain times of year are best for certain species but who knows what you might catch.

Your License to fish

In most places fishing licenses are required, you should consult with local wildlife service center. The cost depends on the area where you live. Children do not need license normally.

Always take permission before fishing in a private property, otherwise, it will be count as Trespassing. Enjoy fishing have fun with family and friends.

To know any kind of information on fishing visit:

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Japan has 3 main cellular network service providers; Softbank, NTT DOCOMO and AU which uses 3G/CDMA, and LTE network which therefore means that these networks are limited to some compatibility with some international mobile phones. The challenge that many tourists who visit Japan experience are that this networks do not sell the stand-alone sim cards to them and therefore if you need to have a sim card to any of the three networks you have to sign a 2 years contract to purchase a sim card locked smartphone.

Although you can access internet in some places in Japan, Japan data sim card for tourist is equally important for you to remain connected and have internet access anywhere you go. Tourist and visitors can get this sim cards at any airport in Japan. However, you will require having an unlocked phone to use this sim card which is valid for one week to a month. Therefore if you a planning to be online at your visit, Japan data sim card for tourist is all that you need.